Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's That Time Again: DAY PARTIES!!

I think the whole nation can concur that this winter was rough.....LONG and rough. Even here in Atlanta with our notoriously early springs, we stayed cold and rainy right up until the very end. But thankfully, it's over now and we can get down to the things that make me love and look forward to  spring: fruity Sangria, luscious frozen drinks, ice cold Mojitos on a sexy patio or rooftop and - DAY PARTIES!! There's nothing quite like getting dressed and going out to party in the middle of the day. If you've ever done it, then you know what I'm talking about. Before I moved to Atlanta, I thought the best day parties happened at CIAA. However, I have drawn a new conclusion since then. There is nothing hotter than an Atlanta day party. And no one does them better than Sunset Lounge.

Sunset Lounge is not a place. It is a collective of Atlanta night life connoisseurs and marketing companies that came together to produce memorable events hosted in stylish locations. They always draw a huge crowd and the atmosphere is lively, fun and hype....Always. Remember last summer's day parties at SHOUT? Well, this is the same group so you know they're the real deal. Their motto is "Night life is Overrated." After experiencing one of their day parties, you just might agree.

They've already kicked off their first day party of the 2013 season in March, but it was still too definitively winter for me to venture out. But after enjoying 2 straight days of 80 degree weather, I'm on board! Their next day party spectacular will be at SHOUT on April 21st from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  If you would like to attend this event, go to their website where you can purchase indoor or outside Cabanas that will allow you expedited entry, your own section, a number of free guests, bottles and more. The prices are great for what you will receive so be sure to check out their site. Not interested in purchasing a cabana? Visit the site anyway to RSVP for complimentary admission before 4:00 for yourself and up to 2 guests. You can also see event photos and videos as well as stay up to date on future events.

SHOUT is located at: 1197 Peachtree Street Midtown Atlanta 30361

Sunset Lounge:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An ATL Best Kept Secret: The Green Room

Buckhead never ceases to amaze me with its best kept secrets. Just when I think I pretty much have a handle on all the fabulous, fun or interesting things to do right here in my back yard, I hear about something else. Such is the case with the Green Room Actor's Lounge. 

Actress Terri J. Vaughn, famous for her portrayal of Cedric The Entertainer's girlfriend, Davita on the Steve Harvey Show, as well as many other roles since then, moved to Atlanta from LA and endeavored to bring a little piece of Hollywood with her. She did so by creating The Green Room Actor's Lounge in 2011. In an August 2011 quote from the Buckhead Patch, Terri describes The Green Room as a theatrical lounge and book store that she opened "to provide a supportive and nurturing community for Atlanta based talent." She wanted it to be a place "where they can feel a sense of camaraderie that I so deeply fell in love with during my 17 years living in Hollywood as well as a haven for out of town actors to unwind while filming in Atlanta." 

I recently stumbled across a schedule of events for the Green Room on the restaurant's Twitter page and quickly recognized that a lot has changed since 2011. In the Buckhead Patch article, it seemed to be more of a bookstore/coffee shop where you could also get acting lessons, network with other entertainers, bring your laptop and do some work etc. You can still do those things of course, but additionally it seems to have expanded into a nice evening environment as well; a place where you can hangout, have drinks and appetizers and interact socially. I was very impressed with the wide array of things to do that were so different from any traditional restaurant, lounge or coffee shop. Check out the things that are going on this week:

Every Wednesday-Friday: Vino, Martini's & Appetizers
Upscale and progressive happy hour hosted by Terri J. Vaughan
$5 Wine &  Martini's / $6 Appetizers [Free Admission]
4pm -7pm 

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday: Industry Night
A mixer for entertainment professionals. This Thursday April 4th it will be hosted by Speech from Arrested Development.
Free Admission
7:30pm -9:30 pm

Every Friday: Open Mic Night
This Friday's Open Mic Night is hosted by Ric Flo
$5 admission for performers / $7 for non-performers
8pm - 11pm

In addition to these events, follow them on Twitter for updated event schedules as well as info on classes they offer like acting and piano lessons.

The Green Room Actor's Lounge - 25-D Bennett Street Atlanta, GA 30309 [right behind Frank Ski's] 

I'm Back!

I haven't posted for a while because I've been filming a movie in Paris with Idris Elba. I play a woman with whom he is in love and totally obsessed. So much so that he follows her from the U.S. to Paris in hopes of winning her over. It has some great twists and you'll have to put it on your "Go See" list when it comes out in November. Ok......that's not true. I was fantasizing. What really happened is that I had a really bad headache for a really long time.....since Valentine's Day in fact (see last post). Ok....that's not true either. Alright, so I tried the "wow that's incredible" approach to explain my absence and then the "oh, I'm so sorry to hear that" approach; so now I'll just try the "keeping it real" approach. I have simply lacked the time and inspiration to report on what I love: hanging out in Atlanta.

I know; it's tragic. And I hate to let down the people who come to my blog regularly to get ideas for things to do and places to go. Thank you so much for sticking with me in spite of my irregular posting schedule. But, I promise you that the season of erratic posting has ended. During my absence, I have gone from part time freelance writer/editor and blogger to full time. Yes! I quit my job and now have the physical and emotional time to do what I love most: writing. So I can assure you, that if you check this site each week, you will see at least 2 posts informing you of fun, special and unique things to do around the city. From "staycation" ideas to the best patios to enjoy a refreshing cocktail and a cigar, Lounge Around Atlanta will keep you abreast of cool things to do right here at home. For my "out of town" followers, let me help you plan things to do here when you come to town to visit friends, vacation or conduct business. Atlanta is a fabulous city and if you're looking in the right places, you'll never run out of sensational things to do. You can depend on me to keep you up to date on what's happening.....Really.....I'm serious this time.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Gentleman: Valentine's Day is Here Again!

Valentines Day: Some love it; others loathe it. When you really think about it, the controversy is understandable. If you are in a relationship, you look forward to it; if not, you dread it because it comes as a blatant reminder that you're not. And what about the folks who are in new relationships that have not yet been defined? Can they have an expectation to be acknowledged (or a responsibility to acknowledge someone) on this day for lovers if they've only been seeing each other for a month? Honestly, guys don't care one way or the other because let's face it; V-Day is an Estrogen soaked, female oriented holiday that represents nothing more than pressure to most guys. Pressure to spend money on gifts, plan a romantic evening, and profess their LOVE....or LIKE for the woman (or women) they're involved with. And fellas, make no mistake about it, no matter how slight the involvement, if you want to continue to have a relationship with her, you better not make the critical mistake of not adequately acknowledging her on Valentine's Day. I's all so confusing, but that's why I'm going to help you figure out the perfect thing to do for her to ensure that you don't suffer a dry spell from February 15th to St. Patrick's Day.

NEW RELATIONSHIP: Do not just call or send a text if this is a girl that you want to continue to see after V-Day. If you don't feel like it's at the level that you need or want to take her out, here is an acceptable option.

1. Send her an Edible Arrangement to work. Women love to receive outward signs of affection in front of their friends an co-workers. That little bit of effort will pay off for you big time. Trust me.

ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIP: You have a clearly defined relationship that leaves no question about whether you're expected to spend the evening together. Here are my picks; you make the final cut based on budget and preference.

1. Tantra: I bet you didn't know that Tantra is the name of a Goddess; A Goddess of Love, no less. So it almost seems preordained that you would spend your Valentine's Day at this upscale, Mediterranean restaurant so aptly named. And if that's not enough, they have a romantic V-Day event planned which includes a 3 course dinner for 2.  You can choose from a wide array of appetizers, entrees and desserts and you also get a glass  
                                                                of champagne! The cost is $55.00 per person.
                                                                2285 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta 30309
                                                                404-228-7963 (Call for reservations or details)

2. Imperial Fez:  This is an exotic Moroccan restaurant that offers traditional South African food at its best. Their Valentine's Day special includes a 5 course dinner, a welcome drink, AND a glass of champagne. In true Moroccan style, you leave your shoes at the door, dine on pillows and eat food with your hands. In case you can't celebrate on February 14th, the special extends through the 15th and 16th as well. This is a great choice if you want to combine dinner with entertainment because the nightly belly dancing begins at 7:30 PM. The cost is  $75.00 per person but the menu is truly divine. The main course choices are Stuffed Quail, Marinated & Grilled Baby Lamb Chops or Rosemary Lemon Butter Lobster Tail with the Chef's signature Moroccan Shrimp Lasagna. And remember you get 5 courses so it's well worth it.
2285 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta 30309
(Right beside Tantra)

3. Chico DeBarge will perform live at Red Ultra Lounge (formerly Mingles) at 8:00 PM. This sexy, sultry crooner is sure to create an atmosphere of passion for you and your #1. The best part of all is the amazingly low price! Ladies can get in  free before 9:00 and general Admission is only $10.00. If you want to make it extra special, VIP and Platinum packages are priced from $100 to $150. Go to Eventbrite for details on what these packages include.
182 Courtland Street NE Atlanta 30303
404-525-5151 (To purchase tickets through Eventbrite)

4. Valentines Laffs and Love presented by Comedy under the Stairs at The Basement Theater is another option if you want to keep it light and celebrate V-Day by doing something unique. Who doesn't like to laugh. Joel Byars headlines and other comics join him to recount their special escapades with love both lost and found. The admission cost is $5 - $10 so it's different and affordable.
175 West Wieuca Road Suite B3 Atlanta, GA 30342

5. Movies: Catching a movie is always a great date idea, especially if your lady love is movie buff, like me. The key is to know her well enough to know if she'll think this is a fun and refreshing way to spend V-Day or if she'll feel it was a cheesy and cheap way to get out of doing something more appropriate. If this is the case, you can "fancy" it up by going to an upscale theater like Cinebistro where you can also have dinner. There are several movies scheduled to be released on V-Day. The most obvious choice; Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven because it's a couple movie. But if you're not a romantic, or don't need a movie to set the mood, here are the other releases for this date: Escape From Planet Earth, A Good Day to Die Hard, and Beautiful Creatures.

FOR SINGLES: Of course, I wouldn't leave out my single followers. Whether happily or miserably single, Valentine's Day should be all inclusive and non-discriminatory. I found 2 spots where you can celebrate your independence, try to forget it, or look for someone to change it.

1. Buckhead Bottle Bar & Bistro is having what they are calling "Love on the Rocks;"a party for those who are single and/or bitter. This party will feature "Love Bites" food specials, as well as "Love Sucks" $5 shots and beer specials.  Best pf all, there is absolutely no cover charge all night.  In fact, the specials start 7:00 on Thursday and extend through Friday at Midnight.
268 East Paces Ferry Road Atlanta 30305

2. Havana Club: "If you're SINGLE and you LOVE it CLAP YOUR HANDS....and head over to Havana Club Thursday, Friday or Saturday because they are doing something to commemorate Valentine's Day all 3 days! They are proclaiming 2 of these parties to be the biggest Singles Mixer in "The A." Friday February 15th: is the "Singles Fall in Love Party." They'll have a live Kiss Cam and free Martinis for the ladies before 11 PM with RSVP.  All 3 rooms will be open with DJ's keeping the party lively. It starts at 8:00 PM and sounds like FUN! Cover charge: $10.00. Saturday February 16th is the "Love Bites" Party which gives the finger to heartbreak. So if you are recently single and pissed, join others who feel the same way....I guess. Sounds kind of morbid and twisted, but hey..... On a positive note, they will have $5 specialty cocktails before 11 PM and that makes everything better. So get there early and by midnight, you won't remember who you broke up with or why.
3112 Piedmont Road NE

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! Football fans EVERYWHERE are anxiously awaiting the chance to drink ungodly amounts of beer, stuff themselves with wings and watch this season's 2 top dogs battle it out for the holy grail of football. I know it's bitter sweet for Atlantans (we came so close), but don't let that dampen your enthusiasm to get out and enjoy the festivities. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the BEST times to go to your favorite bar, lounge or restaurant and enjoy the electrifying enthusiasm of this sporting spectacular. If you don't have a place in mind, allow me to "do what I do." You just show up and have fun!

Top All Around Pick:

Stats: If you want to view the game in a large venue with lots of people, this is the place for you. Besides for its colossal size (almost 16,000 square feet), it has other unique features that make it a great choice to view the game as well. Features such as 5 bars and 70 high definition televisions ensure that every seat has an excellent view and service is fast and convenient. Another really cool thing; maybe THE coolest thing about Stats is that they have beer tap tables that allow patrons to pour/serve their own beer right from their table! In fact, they are one of the only bars in the US with this unique beer tap system. 7 tap tables and 10 private rooms offer this convenient beer system. The tables and private rooms are available by reservation. Not a beer drinker? Don’t sweat it. Stats has an extensive menu that includes tasty food, beverage and cocktail choices to suit a variety of tastes.
[Downtown] 300 Marietta Street Atlanta, GA 30313

Wing Connoisseurs:

Clays Sports CafĂ©: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about watching the Super Bowl? Great wings! Well, maybe that’s just the first thing that comes to MY mind because I LOVE a great chicken wing; and I couldn't care less about the game itself. But I digress. I was almost about to cut this pick from my list because I hadn’t actually visited it myself and the website didn't offer a lot of information. But after I kept seeing review after review after review stating that this place had the best wings in Atlanta, I decided to take a chance and add it. Clay’s patrons rave about the wings, the $7.99 pitchers of beer and even the pizza. They especially shout out the lemon pepper wings. It is characterized as a dive bar and described as sort of nondescript; nothing fancy. But fans say they LOVED watching football there every Sunday during the regular season because of its lively atmosphere and those delicious wings.   
6518 Roswell Road NE 30328 

If you prefer large and lively:

Taco Mac: If you were under the impression that Taco Mac is a Mexican restaurant, you’re not alone; but you are wrong. It is actually an American/Traditional restaurant with a few Mexican food choices. So why the misleading name? There’s a cute story on their website that explains how the owners arrived at this particular name for a restaurant that started from the beginning as a buffalo wing and beer spot. The things that make Taco Mac a great place to watch the Super Bowl are the crazy number of TV’s strategically positioned around the entire restaurant and the extensive selection of beer on tap. It also boasts a Huge bar seating area with an energetic atmosphere full of sports enthusiasts representing their teams. There are several locations so go to the website to find the one most convenient for you.

Want a more sophisticated menu than the traditional sports bar:

Tavern 99: This pick has a smaller, cozier layout but still boasts 12 flat screens and a fun atmosphere for watching sports. Regulars categorize the food as being better than the normal sports bar fare in terms of diversity. It’s not a large menu but they offer things like Goat Cheese Bruschetta and Crispy Calamari as well as gourmet sandwiches. And…… you can still get jumbo wings; available in exotic flavors like Garlic Parmesan and Jerk just to name a few. If the food alone isn't enough, they have 27 beers on tap!
[Buckhead] 128 East Andrews 

Martini Lovers? Try this:

Hudson Grille: If you are a Ravens fan, you have to come here to watch the game. First of all this is a “Ravens Bar” so you will be among your “peeps” and able to show your team mad love and support. That alone is enough, but they also have lots of TV’s, affordable prices and a high energy, fun environment.  Hudson Grille’s menu falls under the American/Traditional genre but has a delicious Queso that gets great reviews. Now let’s talk about the cocktails. “Can you say $5.00 Martini’s??” The price alone is astounding considering a Martini is $10.00 and up almost everywhere. But then when you hear the flavors, it’s a wrap. Hudson Grille’s Pinnacle Vodka Martini menu features yummy concoctions like Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Blueberry Lemon Drop and the Sex and the City Martini.
[Midtown] 942 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30309 – see website for other locations

Wide selection of Vegan menu choices:

Midway Pub: This place is a little different… a good way. From the menu, to the atmosphere to the crowd, it has a flavor all its own. I was really impressed with the extensive selection of Vegan menu options because at most bars, your meatless selections consist only of fries and mozzarella sticks. Here, you can order Salted Edamame, Veggie Corndogs, Veggie Chili, Veggie Burgers and even Grilled Cheese. They offer traditional bar items like wings of course, but then true to their efforts to offer an inclusive menu, they have turkey burgers and turkey meatloaf for non-beef eaters. Outside of the menu, Midway has lots of TV’s for your viewing pleasure and a very enthusiastic crowd on game days. Great Patio also; too bad it’s cold!
[East Village] 552 Flat Shoals Avenue SE Atlanta, GA 30316

***Because I wanted to feature bars and sports bars that I had not currently recommended, I omitted city staples such as Dantanna’s, Lenox Grill, Yardhouse etc. But of course these places are always awesome choices for a quality viewing experience. See my previous post: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? (September 28, 2012) for details on them and other fantastic sports bars in the city.

Baltimore Ravens
San Francisco 49ers
Sunday February 3, 2013: Kick off is 6:30 PM

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year's Resolution #1: PURSUE HAPPINESS

If you're like most people, a new year means a new list of resolutions. But in this second week of 2013, I offer that you can trim your list down to just 1 goal that is all encompassing: Pursue Happiness. It's that simple. First, examine the various facets of your life and conduct an honest evaluation of your level of happiness. Do you like your job or do you feel like you've outgrown it? Worst yet, are you miserable in it? Is your relationship stale or dry? Are you happy with your health and physical appearance? Are you financially secure or are you always knocking at poverty's door? These 4 main areas of your life are extremely important to your overall happiness so if you focus on fixing them, everything else usually falls into place. So before we start talking parties, clubs and lounges for 2013, let me offer a small word of advice to help you find happiness in these vastly important areas.

1. Career happiness: Whether you need a new job, a promotion or want to make a complete career change, it all begins with your resume. Make sure that your resume is strong, dynamic and effective by  having it professionally done. Don't fool yourself, no matter how smart you are or how good a writer you believe yourself to be, resume writing is a completely different animal. And in today's highly competitive job market, it is best left to the professionals who understand employment trends and what hiring managers are looking for. BluePrint Resumes & Consulting is a premier resume writing company with offices in the Atlanta area as well as DC, Miami, NC and coming soon to New York. Visit their website for detailed descriptions of services, resume and cover letter samples, pricing and more.     

2. Relationship happiness: If your relationship is feeling stale and stagnant, maybe it's time for some change. But before you break up with the poor girl or guy, consider adding some spice by getting away. If you are like many of us, a vacation to the South of France sounds divine but is completely unaffordable. So downscale a little and look at the wonderful vacation options available locally. One suggestion is a romantic weekend get-a-way to Chateau Elan. It is less than an hour drive but upon arrival, you feel like you are in a quaint little french town complete with charming inns and a vineyard. A cute and affordable way to treat yourselves to some one on one time. A little change of scenery often goes a long way.

3. Personal Happiness: Look good in 2013! I'm willing to bet that at least 90% of us made a New Year's resolution that involved improving our appearance by losing weight or changing our style. To some it may seem shallow but face it, looking good is essential to personal happiness. So if you made a resolution to modify your diet to include healthier food choices and to exercise regularly, commit to it and do it! Not only will you feel better and be healthier, you'll look better. Maybe you also need to change up your style of dress or your hair. For men, I recommend Miguel Wilson Menswear. There is nothing more impressive than a man in a great fitting suit. MW Menswear is a custom clothier primarily but has ready to wear selections available as well. Miguel Wilson is conveniently located in Buckhead and sees clients by appointment. Allow him to sit down with you, assess your clothing needs and show you fine fabrics and clothing styles that compliment your body type as well as support your lifestyle. Visit the website and/or contact him by sending an email to 

Ladies have so many choices for clothing that I'm not really going to make a recommendation. You can be high fashion and shop Neiman's and Saks or various other exclusive, pricey boutiques that'll have you contacting those bankruptcy attorneys faster than you intended. But for shopping on a budget, I like        Tags Boutique (Kandi Burris of RHOA) Buckhead location. The clothes, shoes and accessories are stylish and high quality but surprisingly affordable. You can even visit the website and shop online.
2140 Peachtree Rd NW Ste 225 Atlanta, GA 30309

Need a new hair stylist or salon? Try Tanya Tymus Bellamy former owner of Nseya now owner of the fabulous Prive Salon. Prive Salon is a full service unisex salon located in the Midtown Plaza between West Peachtree and Spring Street. She is a master of cutting, styling and coloring and is the only hair stylist in Atlanta that I will allow within 2 feet of my hair. I have not yet been to her new location, but I know it is over the top luxury because that's the way she sets it out. Prive's Master Stylists all specialize in hair care, coloring and styling so no matter who you see, they are sure to take your style to the next level.   678-235-2286
950 West Peachtree Ste. 265 Street Atlanta, GA 30309

4. Financial Happiness: Drowning in debt? Devise a plan to pay your bills if you can and if you can't, consult an attorney and see if your situation would best be fixed by filing bankruptcy. As a former bankruptcy attorney, I can tell you that it is not the horrible, end of the world remedy that some people view it as. The bankruptcy laws were created to protect people who are experiencing financial hardship and need assistance. So if you have lost your job, are facing foreclosure, repossession or eviction and can't see a way out, contact a bankruptcy attorney and schedule a free consultation to explore your options.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


There are a MILLION events and parties popping off in Atlanta at any given time, so you have to know that New Year's Eve here is going to be STUPID! Whether you are looking for small and intimate, large and lavish or wild and crazy, the spectacular ATL has you covered. To help you decide, I've done some homework and composed a list of 13 hot spots to bring in 2013!

1.  Young Jeezy and Alex Gidewon are hosting a Black Hollywood New Year's Eve Affair at COMPOUND. 30.00 advanced general admission tickets are still available. You can also purchase VIP cut line tickets for $60.00 and VIP "open bar until midnight" tickets for $60.00. You can purchase tickets on the their website through Event Brite: The soiree  starts at 10 PM and lasts all night!
1008 Brady Avenue Atlanta, GA 30318

2.  New Year's Eve at the CROWN PLAZA HOTEL is being hosted by several radio personalities: Art Terrel of Kiss 104, Ryan Cameron of V103, Rashan Ali of Streetz 94.5 and actress Joy Hammond. This is another affair themed as "Black Hollywood." There will be 5 party rooms featuring a variety of entertainment from DJ's to comedy. The cost is $60.00 per person for access to all party rooms or $100.00 for access as well as open bar from 9:00 PM to Midnight. 
4355 Ashford Dunwood Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30346

3.  MUSEUM BAR presents Black Hollywood 2013 as the theme for their NYE extravaganza as well. A few of the ladies from Basketball Wives LA are hosting. The venue is huge (15 K square feet) and beautiful so it should be a great party if you are looking for something large and lavish. 
181 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd Southwest Atlanta, GA 30312 (404) 343-2086

4. KCEBars & Remy Martin present a New Year's Eve Bash at CAFE CIRCA. They invite you to join them for a new year's dinner from 5:00 PM to Midnight. It is $60 per person which includes bottomless champagne. They are also offering the first brunch of 2013 at 2:00 AM for $50.00 per person which also includes bottomless champagne. It is reservation only so call to make your reservation ASAP!
464 Edgewood Avenue Southeast Atlanta, GA 30312 (404) 477-0008

5. WET WILLIE'S ATLANTA: If you are trying to do something a little more casual and laid back, join Carlos Emmons and his NFL friends at Wet Willies. Doors open at 9:00 PM with complimentary entry but there are several open bar specials available: $50 - unlimited drinks; $75 - unlimited food and drinks; $1 Jello Shots, a Midnight Champagne Toast and more. 
2450 Piedmont Road NE Ste. #106 Atlanta, GA 30324 (404) 816-0151

6. INDIGO BAR & ROOFTOP LOUNGE: Indigo is boasting a "New Year's Eve Affordable Spectacular" that is fabulous and recession proof. How affordable is it? It's FREE! Is that cheap enough for you? Doors open at 8:00 PM and it's free until 10:00 PM (RSVP) or you can purchase VIP no-wait tickets for $20.13 (cute right)? You can purchase tickets at and supposedly there is only 1 VIP table left and 800 RSVP's have already been received. Music will be provided by DJ Tony Stone and DJ G Nice. For additional info, call 678-404-2554 or email
619 Edgewood Avenue Southeast Atlanta, GA 30312 (404) 221-1098

7.  If you want to do something a little outside the norm, this might be for you. PLUSH BLUE ENTERTAINMENT presents The 2013 New Year's Eve Exclusive "Coming to America" event. It's being held at one of the largest mansions in Georgia and from the pictures, it is truly lavish. They promise to dazzle you with the landscape (over 20 acres), exotic animals, bright lights and a magnificent mansion that makes for a remarkable venue. Purchase tickets through Event Brite at:
5520 Kent Rock Estates North Loganville, GA 30052

8.  AMNESIA the Club: Amnesia is boasting $50.00 admission which includes top shelf open bar all night. Or you can pay $20.00 admission and just purchase your own drinks. Both of these admission prices include parking as well. 
3220 Butner Road Atlanta, GA 30331

9.  LANDONS: If you live in the Cascade area of Atlanta and want to party close to home, Landons provides a great option. The food is absolutely delicious and the service is outstanding. For New Year's Eve, they are offering a "hard to beat" all inclusive package which consists of a 3 course meal, 1 bottle of champagne or 2 glasses of house wine, party favors and tax and gratuity for just $45.00 per person! It's not just dining either; they will have a DJ providing entertainment so come ready to party.
3752 Cascade Road Atlanta, GA 30331 (404) 472-2424

10. BUCKHEAD BOTTLE BAR: If you follow this blog, you know that BBB is one of my favorite spots. So of course I'm recommending it for a great place to usher in 2013 and this is probably where 2013 will find me. I love the music, ambiance, staff and decor. My favorite bartender mixes great drinks and I always have a good time here. Check the site tomorrow for pricing and additional details. I'm meeting with Solomon, general manager, to see if I can get something special for my loyal followers. I know it's last minute but hold tight!!
268 East Paces Ferry Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30305

11.  OPERA: The fabulous Opera is always a great place to get fly and fall into. For NYE you can expect to enjoy its 5 unique atmospheres, 12 bars with 30 bartenders, a gourmet buffet and the largest balloon drop in the city. Doors will open at 8:00 PM and pricing is as follows: General Admission - $30.00; Open Premium Bar admission (girls only) $70.00 includes gourmet buffet and open premium bar. For the fellas, it's slightly higher, $90.00. VIP Open Premium Bar admission is $139.00 and includes all of the above plus VIP Admission and access to the 2nd Level (VIP Area). Tickets can be purchased through Event Brite.
1150 Crescent Avenue Atlanta, GA 30309

12.  REIGN: A beautiful decor, a young, sexy clientele. What more could you want? Reign will offer a champagne toast, a balloon drop and hot music by DJ Weaponz. General Admission: $40.00; VIP Admission: $100.00 which includes express entry with a $100.00 bar spend. Doors open at 9:00 PM and tickets can be purchased on their website through Event Brite. 
1021 Peachtree Northeast Atlanta, GA 30309

13.  ONYX: Yes, I have listed a strip club as my 13th New Year's Eve party spot. First of all, we are in the "A" and it's no secret that Atlanta is famous, or should I say infamous, for its CRAZY strip clubs. So if it's your preference to bring your new year in looking at bouncing Ta Ta's (among other things), I recommend Onyx. Admission is just $10.00 all night long and they will have an open Ciroc Bar from 10:00 PM til 11:00 while supplies last. That sounds flaky, but those supplies better last until at least 11:00 PM! Over 60 Onyx girls will be on site and DJ AK will make them "drop it like it's hot" all night. Of course they will provide a complimentary champagne toast at midnight. 
1888 Cheshire Bridge Road  Atlanta, GA 30324 (404) 876-9992

Please act responsibly and designate a driver or take a cab if you plan to drink.                                               
Happy New Year!

Friday, December 21, 2012


It's FRIDAY and the holiday season has officially arrived! Today is the last day that most people have to work until after Christmas at least; and some really lucky people don't go back until after the New Year. Friday is already my favorite day to go out and enjoy the city, and the fact that this particular Friday ushers in a fabulous 4 day weekend makes it especially spectacular. So as promised, I've scouted all my sources to find out "What's Good" on Atlanta's party scene during this holiday season and here are a few of my top picks for tonight:

Friday December 21, 2012:

Indigo Lounge: Gritz and Jelly Butter performs from 7:30-10:00; It's also "The Teacher's Lounge" tonight which celebrates teachers and allows them to get out and start their holiday right. Teachers get $5.00 Ciroc until 11:00 PM. Admission is free with text until 11:30  PM for everyone. However, I've gone a thousand times, never shown a text and never paid to get in so I think you're good with or without the text.
Teacher's Lounge is 9:00 PM-300 AM
619 Edgewood Ave Atlanta, 30312

Vanquish, Reign and Aurum: all in midtown are always safe bets for a Friday night out. If you want to get out early, start at Vanquish and catch their 5.00 drink specials and live entertainment. Scoot next door to Reign a little later (around 11:00) if you're up for a younger, more hype crowd. Tonight the theme is R&B Christmas with Lloyd, Verse Simmons and Sammie. Aurum is good for later in the evening as well; there you will find a mixed age crowd and still hear the hot hip hop music that makes you bob your head.
Reign:        1021 Peachtree Street Atlanta 30309 10pm
Vanquish:  1029 Peachtree Street Atlanta 30309
Aurum:      915 Peachtree Street Atlanta 30309

Harlem Nights:  201 Courtland Street NE 30303

The Tabernacle: T I's new CD dropped this week and he is making his rounds. Eventbrite lists a T I Concert here tonight at 9PM. Go to Eventbrite for pricing and ticket info:
152 Luckie Street 30303

The Gold Room:   Ladies drink, enter and valet free until 11:30; guys do the same until 11:00.
2416 Piedmont Road NE 30324

Mayan End of the World Mirosa Mansion Party: Private mansion in Buckhead hosting "Anything but Monday and Mirosa Beer." If you've been on earth this week, no doubt you've heard the noise about the supposed end of the world; that darn Mayan Calendar! Anyway, if you're not scared to be out at midnight tonight, you can purchase tickets to sample a great new beer, Mirosa as well as party with some Buckhead Beaus and Betties. If you go, PLEASE.....leave a comment telling me how it was. Buy tickets on Eventbrite for 27.37
3511 Roxboro Rd 30326


Monday, December 17, 2012

The Perfect Day: A Day out with the Girls

As much as I love a great date with my significant other or hanging out with my kids, there is something magical about spending time with my girls! For one, it doesn't happen nearly enough; especially now that I'm in Atlanta and they're spread around the country from DC to NJ. But also, it's just the super close bond we share that makes it special. Everyone likes to do the same things and we do a lot of talking and laughing. When they come here, I keep them busy from morning to night trying to show them EVERYTHING this great city that I've come to adore has to offer. So in celebration of girlfriends everywhere, my first perfect day is for "all girls" "all day." Remember, money is no object; we're balling!

Morning Activity: Take a run or brisk walk around scenic Chastain Park. Regular exercise is vital to good health and doing it with a group makes it fun. Best of all, getting your "cardio on" and out of the way in the morning revs your metabolism up and motivates you to make good food choices all day.
          Breakfast: Resist the temptation to pig out on pancakes and bacon, destroying the benefits of your morning work out. Instead, grab a smoothie from Planet Smoothie. They are delicious, nutritious and filling and the perfect meal replacement after a good workout. My personal favorites are the Thelma & Louise and the Mediterranean Monster. The closest locations to the park  are in Lenox Mall and in the Peach Shopping Center: 2900 Peachtree Road Atlanta, GA 30305

Midday Activity: Shoe shopping and pedicures- Go home, get showered, dressed and meet up at Town Brookhaven Shopping Center where I recently made the most adorable discovery. There is a shoe store that sells the high end designers we love like Jeffrey Campbell and his fierce wedges, Stuart Weitzman and more AND also does pedicures!! Yes! Strange but perfect, right??? The store, Happy Feet Boutique, is fabulously decorated and the pedicure section in the back looks like it was designed for a princess. It's very dainty; no bulky, massaging pedicure chairs. No, just posh, feminine chairs that look as if they would be in the boudoir of a princess. They also have all the great designer polishes we love like OPI and licensed professionals to get your feet dolled up enough to deserve the sassy, new kicks you're spending the rent money on!    705 Town Blvd, Ste. 430 Atlanta, GA 30319

          Lunch: Girls love to lunch but we're always watching calories as well so I'm going to suggest that you have lunch somewhere where you can get a delicious salad. My top pick for a delicious salad is restaurant staple, Houstons. I know there are trendier, newer places but Houstons still offers one of the most delicious salads that you can buy. Additionally, they have wonderful soup and salad pairings just in case you need a little something more to tie you over until dinner. My favorite soups are the chicken tortilla and the red beans and rice but they are only available on certain days, so find out ahead of time.  Go to the Hillstone Restaurant groups website for locations around the city.

Evening Activity: We love our girls, but we also need a little "me" time to rest and rejuvenate and get ourselves gorgeous for the evening. So take it in, relax and prepare for the fabulous evening you plan to have. And for goodness sake, pick your clothes out in advance. Try them on too! Make sure you know which ones make your butt look too big, too flat or shows your back fat! You don't want to waste time trying on and tossing a thousand outfits when it's time to get dressed.
          Dinner: Acoustix Jazz Restaurant and Lounge - You had your decompress time and now you've all come back together looking sexy and sensational. Time to make your way over to your one stop shop for dinner and entertainment, The Acoustix Jazz Restaurant & Lounge. This must be Atlanta's best kept secret. When you pass it, the exterior is very unassuming and basic. But if you ever go inside, you're hooked. The decor is glamorous and eclectic all at the same time. The entertainment is always on point; varying bands and singers whose talent and passion fills the cozy interior and envelops its patrons. Very sexy indeed. And the food? Stupendous. Acoustix Jazz has a sumptuous menu of musician inspired and aptly named items that are sure to please every appetite. The appetizers are listed on the menu under the caption, "Down Beat" and boast Frank Taylor's Crab Cakes w/brown butter, red pepper and capers remoulade and Duke Ellington Grilled Lamb Chops with sauteed onion, green pepper and mushroom. On the "Main Stage" portion of the menu you can find a list of decadent entrees. You can choose from Billie Holliday Pan Seared Salmon on sweet corn risotto w/citrus butter and sauteed spinach or John Coltrane 14 oz seared New York Strip w/mashed potatoes, mushrooms and seasonal vegetables. If you want an extra side item, you can find them under "Back Up Singers" and they include Ray Charles roasted mashed potatoes w/garlic cream and butter and Cecil McBee sauteed garlic spinach just to name a few. This is the perfect place to enjoy food, atmosphere, entertainment and friends all under one roof.  840 Marietta Street Atlanta, GA 30318

So ladies, please make the time to hook up, have fun and nurture one of the most precious relationships of all: Sisterhood!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


If you've been following me from the beginning, you know I report on WHAT to do and WHERE to do it; not mixtape reviews. But it shouldn't come as such a surprise that a writer who LOVES to go out, party and be entertained, also LOVES music; especially Hip Hop and Rap. Yeah, I'm old but that's what makes me love it more because I've been around for its growth and evolution. I remember proclaiming myself a rapper "back in the day" when Run DMC dropped "Sucker MC's." I gladly battled any boy in a contest to see who had the "freshest" flow. (I'll say fresh since we're taking a trip down memory lane and have landed solidly in the 80's). And when Eric B and Rakim dropped "Paid in Full??" It was a wrap: I WAS ALL IN. I've been a "Hip Hop Head" since then.

I didn't want to bombard you with my opinions and details in my first "Taylor J" post because I really just wanted to put you on point for where you need to be this week. But now that you have your schedule and have hopefully planned accordingly, I want to actually DISCUSS the music on CONTROL. I know I can be long winded, but I promise I'll keep it short, sweet and to the point. I just want to arm you with a little insider information to add to your listening pleasure since I was fortunate enough to be there when he "unveiled his creation" and spoke candidly about his inspirations. I'm connected; so you're connected. The CD is CRAZY; ALL of it!  So you definitely need to go to and download it.

"Fact of Life" featuring Jazze Pha and Nipsey Hussle (also produced by Jazze Pha) is Taylor J's favorite track on the mixtape. In case you were wondering........... It's definitely a hot track so that's understandable. I can see my head bopping to it in the club as I sip on a Peach Ciroc and pineapple trying to be cute.

Atlanta's infamous strip clubs have done it again! Done what you ask? Inspired yet another rapper to write a track paying homage to the "Ladies of the Pole." Taylor J said he wrote "Honeymoon" for Atlanta Strippers. He said he never realized how much he liked strippers until he moved here. But I'm not mad and if you've ever seen them perform, you definitely understand why. ATL strippers are BAD and definitely deserve all the attention Rappers bestow upon them.

"Humble" featuring Fat Trel: Although I don't know much about him, I have to give this song a shout out because it features a new artist from DC, the place I lived for the last 20 years before I moved to the A last year. DC is a tough city for aspiring rappers so I have to respect his hustle for getting his work out there. Good beat, strong lyrics....could be a hit.

"Notebook" is one of my personal favorites. When introducing it, Taylor J described it as a song that's about "all the stuff inside my head and on my mind." A song based on a compilation of the many thoughts inhabiting the mind on any given day? I like that; and as a writer, I can relate. I also liked the smooth beat and his mellow delivery. He changed his flow up slightly for this one; kind of reminiscent of Eminem to me. I know rappers don't like to be compared to other rappers but a comparison to Eminem can only be viewed as a compliment. Hopefully he takes it that way. I'm sure he will because he's soooooooo cool. I REALLY like this song.

My favorite track, aptly named "Darwin's Theory," is about Taylor J's evolution. It has a relaxed beat, a well delivered hook and gives a timeline of his evolution as an artist. The hot beat, clever title, catchy hook and story weaving lyrics put it at the top of my list.

If you haven't already done so, follow @TaylorJTakeover on Twitter to get links to downloads and info on events. You can follow me on Twitter @AtlFelicia for links/info as well.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Count Down Begins: Taylor J's Mixtape Drops!!

Atlanta based Rapper Extraordinaire, Taylor J is in the middle of a whirlwind of events to launch his new mixtape, CONTROL. The mixtape is hosted by Shaheem Reid and take my word: IT'S CRAZY!!!!

The first event was a Listening Party held at Big Play Studios in Buckhead. The plush, state of the art recording studio was the perfect venue. Its spacious, multi-room design provided the perfect accommodations for media as well as Taylor J's crew and supporters to mix, mingle and enjoy the sounds of his newest creation. And speaking of sound, the studio boasts a phenomenal sound system that allowed us to experience the music on another level: Incredible! Another thing that helped us enjoy the sounds was the steady flow of Moet, Ciroc and whatever else our taste buds desired. The crew at Big Play definitely set it out right with a lavish spread and a well stocked bar that proved that southern hospitality is alive and well. Obviously nothing but the best for their rising star; the love and pride was palpable. 

The man of the hour, was all swag as he gave us a lyrical tour of CONTROL; which he labled "his best work ever." He gave us a "sneak peek" of every track on the mixtape, complete with an explanation of what inspired it and what it symbolized for him as an artist. The personal touch was nice. While each track played, he couldn't help but get swept up in the lyrics and rap along with it; oblivious to everything but the music. Watching him, you could tell he was proud of his masterpiece and thoroughly invested in each and every track. 

At the conclusion of the listening segment of the evening, Taylor J was gracious enough to allow myself and Azaria from the Hip Hop Enquirer to interview him. Although young, he's extremely professional and has a clear vision for where he's trying to go in the music industry. Where is his destination you ask?  Straight to the top! 

So if you're a Hip Hop Connoisseur like me, join Taylor J and a star studded cast of characters on his CRAZY 5 day whirlwind of events which continues tomorrow and runs through Sunday. He has worked with EVERYBODY on this mixtape (Jazze Pha, Nipsey Hussle, Gorilla Zoe and Gucci Mane, just to name a few) so you never know who might come through to support him. If you can't make it, check this site to stay connected. You can also follow him on Twitter @TaylorJTakeover. Take Over?? Yeah, that's exactly what it feels like.

Schedule of Remaining Events: (All events begin at 10:00 PM)

Wednesday 12/5: Kirkwood Bar & Grill - Release Party and Live Performance
                            1963 Hosea L. Williams Drive Atlanta 30317  
Thursday 12/6:     Club Crucial - Live Performance
                            2517 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy Northwest Atlanta 30318

Friday 12/7:         Palace ATL - Live Performance
                           4855 Old National Hwy Atlanta 30337

Saturday 12/8:     Solutions Bar & Grill - Live Performance
                           2040 Sylvan Road Atlanta 30310

Sunday 12/9:       Metro Lanes & Games
                           1959 Metropolitan Parkway SW Atlanta 30315

Special shout out to Self, CEO of Reign Forever Group Music Publishing Inc and Acting Vice President of Big Play Entertainment for thinking of me. You can get links to download Taylor J's mixtape as well as links for live streamed video of events, by following Self on Twitter @PeoplesNobody

Friday, November 30, 2012


The month of December stirs up happy feelings for me. It's the month of my favorite holiday, Christmas Eve; and the month that ushers in the eve of a brand new year. I wanted to make sure that I made my posts for this month special; perfect if you will. So I decided to feature:

 A series of perfect days, from morning to night complete with where to eat and what to do. We won't worry about the expense of it, because it's our idea of a perfect day doing whatever we want to do. Reality is not welcome; only dreams.

I also plan to keep you up to date on the best parties, holiday inspired and otherwise, so that you don't miss anything Atlanta has to offer for what's left of 2012. If I hear about it, you'll know about it. So let's get ready to count it down!

Since life is more than a party, I'll share my new year's resolutions with you and allow you to "steal" tips on great "how to" resources to achieve your goals also going into the next year.

So check back every week to see what's new. If you sign up as a member of the site, you'll receive emails letting you know when something new has been posted. You can also follow me on twitter: Lounge Around Atlanta - @ATLfelicia for updates on new posts.